«You will never forget your first approach to the Lofoten Islands. The islands tall craggy profiles stand against the sky like some spiky sea dragon. The beauty of the place is simply staggering.» Lonely Planet

Lofoten consists of several islands and is situated between the longitudes 67th and 68th. It is a nature paradise with white beaches, high mountains, wild life, viking history and fishing traditions.

Here nature calls for all kinds of activities. Especially spectacular is the orca and sea eagle safaris, and also fishing for cod and enjoy mountain hicking. The area is very well suited for windsurfing and attract many people from near and far.

Villages still show the original way of living and working. Trade has been strong for several hundred years and the link to the East, West and South is part of the way of life also today. Now you can stay in the rorbu (original fishing cabins) and wake up with the sea just outside your window.

This is the land of the midnight sun and the northern lights. The changing weather and light has attracted many artists over the years.

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