The arctic city Tromsø is in the center of the midnight sun and northern lights. A university city in the Northern wilderness offering Norwegian fish specialities and spectacular nature experiences.

The midnight sun occurs from about 18th May to 26th July. To observe the northern lights (aurora borealis), Tromsø is a good place as it is located in the auroral zone. The snow stays long and the combination of snow cover and sunshine often creates intense light conditions during the spring (usually between February and until late April), which requires sunglasses when skiing. Due to these diametrically different light conditions in winter, Norwegians use the terms mørketid (polar night) and seinvinter (late winter) to divide the season in two.

The nature is fierce and stunning. Activities at sea and in the mountains are available all year round. However, activities with the indigenous sami people, who are a strong part of  the Norwegian culture and history, are offered outside the summer season from October to March. Sami people involved in reindeer husbandry are semi-nomadic and move with their reindeer herd to summer grazing areas. 

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