The third largest city in Norway and situated where the river Nidelva meets the Trondheim Fjord. No wonder the vikings found Trondheim to be a safe harbour. Trondheim served as the viking capital until 1217. The Nidaros Cathedral was built in 1070 and is still the seat of the Lutheran Diocese which it has been since 1537. The king Olaf the Holy, later canonised, saw it as his call to unite Norway. The pilgrimage route to Trondheim, is one of the most popular in Europe and has the same status as a European culture route together with the pilgrimage route to Rome and the Santiago de Compostela route.

Today Norways major technology-oriented institutions have their headquarter in Trondheim, such as The Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), the Foundation of Scientific and Industrial Research and the St. Olavs University Hospital.

Trondheim has a oceanic and humid continental climate and therefore the city center has a mild winter climate. Many of our most famous world champion skiiers are from the county of Trøndelag, of which Trondheim is the municipality. The city has a vibrant city center with nice shopping areas. Hotels and restaurants offer international standards.

The cities most popular museums include Trondheim Kunstmuseum (art museum),  Nordenfjeldske Kunstindustrimuseum (art industry museum), and the Erkebispegården (Archbishop’s palace). To contrast this, the Norwegian contemporary music museum, Rockheim, is located in Trondheim.

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